Why do we stand out:

Puur Schoon only uses high-quality and environmentally friendly cleaning products. It is very important for us to protect the environment and create a safer and healthier environment for the residents!

Our Cleaners

Our Cleaners

Puur Schoon assigns a fixed cleaning team to your house so that they get to know you, your preferences and your home. We only send a replacement if needed. In that case, we first consult with you. All our cleaners are very experienced and work fully in accordance with government and union regulations. They are registered and authorised to work in the Netherlands. Our employment contracts are drawn up according to the cleaning collective labour agreement (CAO). We invest in our employees and constantly send them to various training courses.


We do not accept cash payments and do not employ (illegal) undeclared workers.



We have excellent insurance for our employees. In the unfortunate case that our cleaner accidentally causes damage to your apartment, we are covered for this in most cases.

Cleaning program

Cleaning program

If you wish to hire us, we will prepare a very detailed cleaning program. Both for you and our cleaners it is so clear what needs to be done. The program is not carved in stone and changes can be made if you wish.

Extra Services

Customers of Puur Schoon benefit from our 24/7 accessibility. Urgent requests are almost always answered. In addition, we offer various hospitality services such as linen replacement, sanitation, laundry handling and other services to make it easier for you. Ask for the possibilities.

At Puur schoon you benefit from:

Qualified employees

24/7 accessibility

Highly professional and skilled workers

Eye for detail

High quality of performance

100% attendance at work

Deep knowledge in (the greenest) cleaning products and materials

Various hospitality services such as linen care and sanitation

Fast service including in case of urgent requests

Flexible and result-oriented approach

Flexible working hours

High pace of work

Reliable Partner

Puur Schoon wants to be a real partner who you can rely on. Our goal is to release you of all logistic sores so you can completely focus on developing your business. We will learn all your wishes and needs so you don’t need worry about the responsibilities that you assigned to us. You know they are in good hands!



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